Because of our unmatched level of expertise and experience. Sheri and Joe Berkery have read, written and re-written thousands of articles and documents in a combined 50 years working in a supremely demanding Philadelphia media market.
We understand the power of words and we know how to arrange them properly. We know good writing -- and bad writing -- when we see it. Kind of the way a dentist can spot a great smile or a stylist can identify a good head of hair.

We have a knack for putting personality into words. Our boredom buzzer goes off whenever we see overwriting, jargon, or anything else that muddies the message.

Accomplishments are great: Of course you want everyone to know about your business expertise and your academic degrees. But clients want to deal with the person behind the degree, not just the degree.



We happen to believe there is a good writer somewhere inside just about everyone. It just needs to be drawn out. Here's a hint: Good writing ought to resemble those notes you leave for the family on the refrigerator door. If you're finally past the point of trying to impress that pesky English-comp instructor, you're probably on the right path. And if you're not, we can help.