Sheri and Joe Berkery are based in Cherry Hill, N.J., (just outside Philadelphia) and have a combined 50 years of expertise as professional communicators. They look forward to being your Word Power team.


As a child, Sheri Berkery would read the dictionary for fun. This might make her a word nerd, but its also a sign that shes totally at ease with the English language. Now a bit older, and an experienced writer and editor for newspapers and news websites, Sheri enjoys helping others communicate.

She has mentored young writers throughout her career, coaching them to improve their work and become more comfortable with their skills.

Sheri is a natural marketer who understands the importance of capturing and keeping readers' attention. She is an active member of South Jersey Women in Business. She has helped launch marketing campaigns and enjoys representing organizations at public events.

An expert in rewriting articles for maximum impact, Sheri now helps professionals to clearly convey their message.

Sheri has written hundreds of articles for print and the web, and is currently a writer and editor at the Courier-Post.


Sometime in elementary school, Joe Berkery knew that he wouldn’t be a heart surgeon or a math professor. Communicating with words … that’s how he earned consistently good grades. His interest in language turned into a career in journalism that has spanned nearly 30 years.

Joe has been an editor and writer for the Philadelphia Daily News since 1990. As a copy editor, his task is to improve copy; to turn good writing into great writing, to turn lousy writing into great writing, to be a “story doctor.”

Joe also has written hundreds of articles for the Daily News, and covered the Phillies’ minor league affiliates with his weekly column, "The System." He also has written a collection of zany anecdotes appropriately titled, "Man, I Ought to Write a Book."


When working with writers, Joe and Sheri offer this reminder: Most people go off to school and are taught to write by folks who have very limited writing skills. Forget the formulas. Go with your gut, go with your heart. Write it the way you would tell it. Clean up the grammar and usage when you’re done. The message is the most important thing.

Joe and Sheri know that writing should be clear, concise and (most importantly!) have personality. And the thesaurus? Use it with extreme caution.

Writing is this team's area of expertise. They can’t help you fix the car or do your taxes, but they will give your words supersonic impact. Make no mistake.